[ The descendants of Lanty Kincaid ]

We will now notice briefly the descendants of Lanty Kincaid, the brother of Mathew, as before stated. He married a Miss Scott of Greenbrier county, and settled on Muddy Creek, on [30] what was afterwards known as the William Anderson place near Asbury. In the latter year of his life he moved to Lick Creek in what is now Summers county and died there about 1850. He had three sons and five daughters. The names of the sons were Mathew, who died in early life; John and Lanty. The daughters were Rebecca, Julia, Katy, Cynthia and Nancy. John Kincaid lived and died on Lick Creek. Two of his sons, Charles and Lewis, were prominent Baptist preachers, both having, however, died in the prime of life. Lewis died about the year 1890 and Charles some four or five years later. Octavia, daughter of John Kincaid, married St. Clair Burdett, and if living, lives in Jackson county, this State.

Lanty Kincaid, son of Lanty, Sr., and brother of John, married for his first wife a Miss Arey, sister to Major A. Arey of Greenbrier county. of his family we are not prepared to give a detailed account. He had a son Aleck (Alexandria), whose whereabouts we have lost sight of. Also [31] a son, Lanty, who now lives on Snake Run Creek near Blue Sulphur Springs in Greenbrier county. He probably had other children.

Rebecca Kincaid, daughter of Lanty, Sr., married for her first husband William Graham, son of William Graham, Sr., and grandson of Col. James Graham. She, with her husband, moved west about the year 1845, where he died a few years later in Davies county, Missouri. She, with her three children, then returned to Monroe county and afterwards married John Miller, a blacksmith and settled at Palestine, Greenbrier county, where they lived for a number of years. Later they moved to Blaker’s Mill in that county, where Mr. Miller died several years ago, leaving her to pass away within the last year in about her 80th year. By her second husband she had one son and three daughters. Sallie married Lee Rookstool, son of John Rookstool, who now resides on A portion of his father’s estate on Muddy Creek. Susan, the youngest, married a Mr. Hogshead And lived near Blue Sulphur [32] Springs, Greenbrier county. Nannie, the oldest, together with her brother, Samuel, B. Miller, constitute the family now remaining at their father’s homeplace, near Blaker’s Mill. Samuel is a fine mechanic and is making a successful living in the blacksmith and wagon trade.

By her marriage with Graham she had three children, James Lanty, Catherine and Julia.

James learned the blacksmith’s trade under the tutorship of his step-father and became one of the most efficient workmen at the anvil of his day. Before learning the blacksmith’s trade, however, and while a mere boy in the praries of the west, he had learned the skill of firearms and their use in bagging the game that was then so plentiful on the plains. This skill of arms and his love of hunting lie brought back from his western home to his native mountains and few were the hunters of his day that could boast of killing more deer than he. At target practice he had rarely a successful competitor. He has been known to wound a deer and, while running [33] at full speed, reload his muzzle-loading mountain rifle, at the same time keeping his eye on the meandering route of the wounded deer and, without stopping, bring his gun to his face and direct a deadly shot at the running deer. It is believed that he has killed more deer with fewer shots going astray than any other hunter of his time. Had he been supplied with the modern repeating Winchester rifles instead of his mountain muzzle-loader, the deer of his locality would have been extinct long before they were. He married a Miss Wills and reared a large family; viz: Mollie, who married Robert Withrow; Julia, who married James Harris; Fannie, who married George Duncan; Betty (Elizabeth), who married C. J. Andrews; William, who married Miss Burdette and James, who married Miss Surbough. He is now living near Meadow Bluff in Greenbrier county and still brings down his heavy blows on the “honest anvil”. Catherine Graham, sister to James L., married Edward George, son of Col. William George of Muddy Creek. [34] She died several years ago. Julia, the younger sister, died soon after the Civil War unmarried.

Julia Kincaid married Samuel McCorkle, who lived for a number of years on Greenbrier river, about one mile above Haynes’ Ferry. Three of her children, William Graham McCorkle, Maston McCorkle and Rebecca Eads, wife of George W. Eads, are still living. William and Rebecca live year Stock Yards, Summers county and Maston lives in Mercer county and is a successful lumber manufacturer there. Julia McCorkle died about the year 1885 and her husband preceded many years before.

Cynthia Kincaid married Samuel Tincher and to them were born several sons and daughters, many of whom are still living; notably, Charles L., who lives at Alderson, Monroe county. John, a Methodist preacher who lives in Texas. Cynthia died at an advanced age during the past year, her husband having died some twenty-five years ago. The other two remaining Kincaid daughters, Catherine and Nancy, married brothers of [35] the name of Heffner, but I cannot give any account of them or their descendants. They lived on Anthony’s Creek.

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