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  1. 26 Nov 2014
    Hi Jordan, 

    Did you ever fig­ure out how “Bil­ly John­son” (obit in Swan John­son book) is relat­ed? I believe he is Lena (John­son) Schlichte­meier’s brother…See 1900 US Cen­sus. Oth­er cen­sus’ show Bil­ly’s name as John William John­son. There is a John W. John­son list­ed as broth­er. Their father is a William John­son, born Aug 1854 in Swe­den (wid­ow­er in 1900 cen­sus). Date could make him a younger broth­er of Swan’s.

    Do you have any fur­ther info? 

    Kaye (your 5C1R)

    • Sor­ry I haven’t respond­ed pre­vi­ous­ly. I have to admit that I was­n’t real­ly look­ing at the com­ments and find­ing the ones that were not spam! 

      Bil­ly John­son, whose obit was includ­ed at the back of the Swan John­son book is indeed Lena John­son Schlichte­meier’s broth­er, for­mal­ly John William John­son. In the chap­ter on the Chil­dren of Thil­da Johnson:

      Lena writes:

      John William (Bil­lie), after grad­u­at­ing from high school at Genoa, Nebras­ka, attend­ed Shurtliff Col­lage at Alton, Illi­nois, one year, and lat­er took a busi­ness course at Lin­coln, Nebras­ka, Busi­ness Col­lege. He took a posi­tion with the Bank of Com­merce at Lin­coln, Nebras­ka. In 1908 he accept­ed a posi­tion as book­keep­er with the Webel Com­mer­cial Com­pa­ny at Casper, Wyoming, lat­er becom­ing a part­ner in the Camp­bell-John­son Cloth­ing Company.

      In August 1919, he was mar­ried in Rock­port, New York, to Mar­guerite Barkley, a teacher in the Casper, Wyoming schools. Three chil­dren were born to them, Sybil Barkley on July 20, 1920; Bar­bara Jane on Jan­u­ary 8, 1924; and Sarah Mar­guerite on July 12, 1934.

      Bil­ly served the peo­ple as a State Rep­re­sen­ta­tive two terms and as State Sen­a­tor two terms. He is now in the cloth­ing busi­ness for him­self in Casper, Wyoming.”

      In the obit­u­ary, there are many cor­rob­o­rat­ing details, includ­ing the mar­riage to Mar­guerite Barkley in 1919 in New York (though one says “Brock­port” and the oth­er “Rock­port”), the chil­dren, the Camp­bell-John­son Cloth­ing Com­pa­ny, and the names of children.

      (By the way, the mar­riage was in Brock­port, Mon­roe Co., NY. A dig­i­tal image of the record is at:‑1–159382-140344–59?cc=1618491 .)

  2. I am try­ing to get all my DD 214’s togeth­er from all my mil­i­tary time I need to get doc­u­men­ta­tion from my Naval Reserve time. My recall time from Sep­tem­ber 11 and my dis­charge after recall. I don’t have it list­ed with my unit and I am get­ting close to retire­ment. Can you please point me into the right direc­tion. Thank you and have a great day! 

    Michael ALLARD
    121 101st Street So.
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    (253) 536‑1028

  3. Enjoyed chat­ting with u . Great that u send­ing me names in Balto/Wash dc area of firms which con­vert 8″ & 314″ discs to mod­ern sys­tems. That you for help.Wishing You AND your fam­i­ly a blessed Mer­ry Christ­mas & a Hap­py New Year.

  4. I have read your infor­ma­tion on your blog con­cern­ing the Gra­hams and the Arm­strongs. You men­tion on Bet­sey Gra­ham’s page that she mar­ried Robert Arm­strong. You not­ed there was a chancery suit involv­ing Arm­strongs and Gra­hams. I am won­der­ing if you have a copy of the court records. I would like to get a copy of the court records and there was no cita­tion for the court case. If you don’t have a copy of the case do you at least have the cita­tion for the record?

    Thanks, Shar­lene Miller, CG

    • This is a tran­scrip­tion of a book by David Gra­ham, “His­to­ry of the Gra­ham Fam­i­ly” from 1899. I do not know specif­i­cal­ly what court records he was refer­ring to.

  5. Hi all, I am look­ing for any­one who has tak­en a Y DNA test from this line of Gra­hams, must be from the male side of the fam­i­ly. Sup­pos­ed­ly the Gra­hams came with my Gwinns from the same place in Ire­land, an iden­ti­fied Hap­logroup down­stream of DF105 and M222 would be help­ful in iden­ti­fy­ing a pos­si­ble Irish loca­tion for these 2 families. 


    Tim McEvoy

  6. Hi There,

    Just a heads-up that I believe the word “descen­dents” is spelled wrong on your web­site. I had a cou­ple of errors on my site before I start­ed using a ser­vice to mon­i­tor for them. There are a few sites that do this but we like and



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