NGS 2015 — Evernote for Genealogists

I recent­ly gave two talks on geneal­o­gy and tech­nol­o­gy at the NGS Fam­i­ly His­to­ry Con­fer­ence in St. Charles, Mis­souri.

One talk was Ever­note for Geneal­o­gists. Here are the slides. (Please note that I wrote these in Keynote, but have to con­vert them to Pow­er­Point to pub­lish, so there may be some con­ver­sion effects.)

A key resource for pow­er­ful search­es in Ever­note is this YouTube video on Ever­note search syn­tax:

1 thought on “NGS 2015 — Evernote for Genealogists”

  1. Hel­lo Jor­dan — I real­ly enjoyed your talk in St. Charles, and our brief chat after­wards. For some rea­son (per­haps my brows­er) some of the slides are com­ing up black with no text. I am inter­est­ed in set­ting up Ever­note, and was inter­est­ed in the struc­ture and sub-top­ics you have set up for your geneal­o­gy. Your slides had some nice exam­ples. Is there any way I could get a PDF or dif­fer­ent ver­sion of your pre­sen­ta­tion that might be more view­able?

    Thanks for your atten­tion.

    Frank McAl­is­ter
    NGS Mem­ber
    Chair, Geneal­o­gy Com­mit­tee, Clan McAl­is­ter of Amer­i­ca

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