NMGS July 2021 – Evernote for Genealogists

Evernote for Genealogists, NMGS Monthly Talks, 10 July 2021

I spoke to the members of the New Mexico Genealogical Society (and actually anyone who wanted to could get on the Zoom), about how genealogists can benefit from Evernote.

In that lecture, I mentioned Evernote Templates, and a workaround to use templates manually. Here are some sample templates that I created.

In terms of creating templates outside of Evernote or for general use, I recommend using text replacement software. Text replacement software allows you to type some letters you would not usually type accidentally and replaces them with a much longer set of text you determine.

I use aText (Mac OS / Windows). aText runs in the background, and whenever you type a shortcode that you define (such as “gcen”, in my case), the text is replaced by the text you have set up to replace it. In my case, when I type “gcen”, I get: