Professional and Non-Profit Sites

We develop and maintain websites for professional genealogists and non-profit genealogical organizations and societies. For example:

Professional and Non-Profit Genealogy Websites
The North Carolina Genealogical Society, Inc.
The Association of Professional Genealogists,
North Carolina Chapter (pro bono)
Search NE — Paul Friday, CG
Genealogy Research of North Carolina — Vickie Burns

Personal Research Sites

Our clients can have us host their genealogy database on our site. They receive a personalized and password-protected (or open) website with an address such as

Alternately, we can post your genealogy website on any server to which you can provide us access. We can even help you register a private domain name, and post the results of your research, or the research we have done for you, at that site.

The following Sample Site listing links to a sample database developed and shared on the web. Just like yours would be, this sample is not password-protected.

Sample Site

This is one of several options for a website to share your genealogical data. I will work with you to tailor your website to your particular needs and desires.

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