Alfred and Ernie Hill

GenealogyMedia.com is your partner in making your family’s history come alive. We will help you find your ancestors, share your findings, and preserve them for future generations. GenealogyMedia.com provides genealogical research services as well as writing, website, and multimedia design, development, and delivery for people who are curious about their origins and want to share them with family and friends.

Research — GenealogyMedia.com specializes in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, but we have also conducted research in California, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, the National Archives in Washington, DC, and the NARA branch in California.

Communication — GenealogyMedia.com will help you communicate what you have found, through the written word or electronically (with web and DVD-ROM design, multimedia, and new media such as blogs, YouTube, and Facebook. We also design websites for other researchers and non-profits.

Preservation — Whether your family records, keepsakes, or photographs are the result of our research, or are items you have today, they may be presented, stored, and shared in a number of ways. GenealogyMedia.com will help you preserve and share your source documentation, photos, and family history writing.

GenealogyMedia.com can provide you with the best expertise available in numerous fields by consulting with other experts as needed.

For more information about professional genealogists, and why you might want to hire genealogical professionals, take a look at Why Hire a Professional Genealogist? by The Association of Professional Genealogists.