Services pro­vides the fol­low­ing ser­vices:

  • Genealog­i­cal research con­form­ing to the eth­i­cal stan­dards of the Asso­ci­a­tion of Pro­fes­sion­al Geneal­o­gists (APG), and stan­dards of research and evi­dence rec­om­mend­ed by the APG and the Nation­al Genealog­i­cal Soci­ety (NGS). If you would like, we can post the results of this research on this or oth­er websites.For more infor­ma­tion on our web host­ing ser­vice, see Web­sites.
  • Web design and host­ing for robust per­son­al, soci­ety, and non-prof­it genealog­i­cal websites.Our clients can have us host their geneal­o­gy data­base on our site. They receive a per­son­al­ized and pass­word-pro­tect­ed web­site with an address such as Alter­nate­ly, we can post your geneal­o­gy web­site on any serv­er to which you can pro­vide us access. We can even help you reg­is­ter a pri­vate domain name, and post the results of your research, or the research we have done for you, at that site.

    The fol­low­ing Sam­ple Site list­ing links to a sam­ple data­base devel­oped and shared on the web. Just like yours would be, this sam­ple is pass­word-pro­tect­ed.

    To log in, click the Sam­ple Site link below and use the fol­low­ing login cre­den­tials:

    • Sam­ple Site (under con­struc­tion, to be post­ed by 31 May 2014)
    • user­name: demode­mo
    • pass­word: Test1

    This is one of sev­er­al options for a web­site to share your genealog­i­cal data. I will work with you to tai­lor your web­site to your par­tic­u­lar needs and desires.

  • Archiv­ing of mul­ti­me­dia. Whether you have video (film, video­tape, DVDs, dig­i­tal video tape), audio (reel-to-reel, cas­sette, Mini­Disc, DAT, CDs, MP3s), still images (pho­tos, neg­a­tives, daguer­rotypes, dig­i­tal images), or doc­u­ments, we can pre­serve, dis­play, store, and help you share these trea­sures. We pro­vide a full suite of archival qual­i­ty restora­tion and dig­i­tal video trans­fer ser­vices.
  • Genealog­i­cal lec­tur­ing and teach­ing. I have giv­en genealog­i­cal talks at the Nation­al Genealog­i­cal Soci­ety Fam­i­ly His­to­ry Con­fer­ence and else­where.
    For more infor­ma­tion, see Talks.

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