Civil jurisdiction of Lowell

[104] There is an inci­dent in regard to the civ­il juris­dic­tion of the vicin­i­ty of Low­ell. It has been under the juris­dic­tion of sev­en coun­ty author­i­ties, viz: The coun­ty of Augus­ta includ­ed Low­ell from 1745 till 1770. Then Bot­te­tourt coun­ty includ­ed Low­ell till 1772. Fin­cas­tle coun­ty includ­ed Low­ell till 1776. Fin­cas­tle coun­ty was abol­ished and its ter­ri­to­ry divid­ed into three coun­ties, viz: Mont­gomery, Wash­ing­ton and Ken­tucky. The coun­ty of Ken­tucky includ­ed the present state of Ken­tucky. In 1780 Green­bri­er coun­ty was orga­nized, which includ­ed Low­ell. In 1799 Mon­roe coun­ty includ­ed Low­ell. In 1863 West Vir­ginia includ­ed Low­ell and in 1872 Sum­mers coun­ty includ­ed Low­ell. So we see that Low­ell, Sum­mers coun­ty, West Vir­ginia, has been in Augus­ta, Bot­te­tourt, Fin­cas­tle, Mont­gomery, Green­bri­er, Mon­roe and Sum­mers coun­ties and two states, viz: Vir­ginia and West Vir­ginia.

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