Cloud Management — Primadesk

PrimadeskPri­madesk, a new web­site in beta, allows you to man­age your cloud con­tent in Google (GMail, Google Docs, Picasa), Yahoo (Yahoo Mail, Flickr), Drop­box,, and about twen­ty oth­er services.

This looks to be a pow­er­ful resource, though it will need to be faster for pow­er users. One of the most pow­er­ful fea­tures promis­es to be the abil­i­ty to move images from one ser­vice to anoth­er. How many of us have per­son­al images scat­tered across mul­ti­ple sites such as Flickr, Pho­to­Buck­et, Snap­fish, Smug­mug, and so on. Now, we will be able to quick­ly migrate images from one site to another.

This fea­ture is not yet avail­able for pho­tos, but it is for doc­u­ments that you might want to move from to Drop­box, or from one account to another.

Pri­madesk allows you to search across mul­ti­ple accounts, back­up mul­ti­ple accounts, and — final­ly! — man­age pro­lif­er­at­ing cloud accounts.

On my wish­list are Ever­note and Office­drop inte­gra­tion. It would be great to be able to man­age what’s in Ever­note, what’s in, what’s in Drop­box, and so on from one inter­face. Files that I man­age in Ever­note, I might want to share with peo­ple in anoth­er ser­vice; this would be a quick way to do that.

Accounts are free, though the may cost some­thing once it leaves beta. More like­ly, is that the site would fol­low the freemi­um mod­el that has been so suc­cess­ful for Drop­box, Ever­note, and oth­er lead­ers in the field.