Arkiv Digital: Free Weekend


ArkivDigital, the premier independent subscription-based genealogical research website in Sweden, will be free this weekend in celebration of Sweden’s “Genealogy Research Day” (March 19th).

The site boasts 26 million records online in color. I have written about the site previously (“Review: Genline vs. Arkiv Digital“). The site is continuing to improve, and there is a beta version of a new English ArkivDigital application. (The Java-based application runs on your desktop and helps you find and navigate through images on ArchivDigital’s website.)

While most of the documents in the Swedish church records that make up the bulk of the ArkivDigital collection are not as colorful as the example above, I was surprised at how much easier it is to read handwritten images in color than it is in black and white. It probably has to do with the paper in grayscale not providing the same contrast to the lettering as one sees in the the sepia-toned color images on ArkivDigital.

I highly recommend the site, and since you can use it free this weekend, you can determine if it’s something you want to subscribe to or not.