Wordless Wednesday: Alice Margaret Gregg

Alice Margaret Gregg
Alice Mar­garet Gregg (1870–1919)

To the left is a pic­ture of my great grand­moth­er, Alice Mar­garet Gregg (b. 29 Apr 1870, Nod­away, Adams, Iowa; d. 29 Mar 1919, Ord, Val­ley, Nebras­ka). She mar­ried the farmer Nels John­son on 26 Sep 1888 at her father’s farm near Alliance, Box Butte, Nebras­ka). They had three chil­dren.

She died just one month shy of her 50th birth­day, a vic­tim of the world­wide flu pan­dem­ic. Her daugh­ter, Bethene Blanche John­son (1892–1919), suc­cumbed three days lat­er.