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Pam Slaton, host of "Searching for ..."
Pam Slaton

Update: 9 March 2011

I am not Pam Slaton, and do not even know her. A lot of folks are posting here thinking they are contacting Pam, but, unfortunately, they are not. I wish I could pass information on to her, but I am not in touch with her.

This was news to me: Oprah Winfrey’s OWN television network has a show that follows a professional genealogist. The show, entitled “Searching for …” runs Monday nights at 9/8 Central. Pam Slaton, the genealogist the show focused on helps reunite the adopted with their birth families, and other family members with one another after they have been separated for some time and lost touch with one another.

On the OWN site, they write:

“Searching For… is a documentary series that follows the real-life work of Pam Slaton, a professional investigative genealogist, stay-at-home mom and New Jersey housewife.

“Viewers can expect an intensely personal ride when cameras follow Pam and her clients through each step as they track down lost loved ones. Each searcher’s story is different, and the results are unpredictable and emotionally charged. Whether Pam’s clients find a joyous reunion, painful rejection or tragic loss, they all walk away with the closure they were desperate to find.

“Pam Slaton’s career as a professional investigative genealogist began nearly 20 years ago. Wanting to find her own birth mother, Pam hired to a professional searcher. The experience was the most devastating of her life, and Pam vowed that no one else should have to go through what she did. She keeps her own pain in mind when helping clients on their journeys. And her results are astounding! Pam has an 85 percent success rate, follows a strict “no find, no pay” policy, and is one of the most sought-after professional searchers in the country.”

I will have to take a look.

One of the key aspects of genealogy shows, which this one looks to have in spades, is an emotional component that most non-genealogists seem to not expect. With a focus on re-uniting living people, Pam Slaton’s niche in genealogy seems to be focused directly on emotional content which should drive the show. Unfortunately, I don’t know how many people know about this show.

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  1. Dear Pamela.
    I am watching 2020. About a man named Allen who lost his oriental twins.His story is much like mine. I met my wife in 1990.We had a baby girl for about 4yrs.i spent much time with her. My then got preg.again. soon after we found out about the preg.I had a bad truck wreck,i was hurt pretty had. I went to the doc. One day,came home she and my girl and her preg. Had dissapiered. She to birth cert. Everthing. For about a yr.I new nothing(where she was). I found out she had a girl. Cal.then got intouch with me, for child supp. Then found out her new husb.while still married to me. He sexually abused the older daughter. Well they ended up taking the girls from her i did not know they were in a foster home theen they were adopted. I new nothing about it. They would not tell me anything. I was wronged. Im now 62 i would give anything to see them. I misa them both everyday. If you can help please….im a veteran dissabled. Help. Harry Hilton (850)791-8208 seeing this on tv brought out the tears.

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