50GB Gift to iOS Users

Box (on the web at is a service I recommend for file sharing.

In fact, we are using it for two genealogical societies where I am on the board of directors. File sharing on is simple, simpler even than using Google Groups and other methods we have tried. allows for uploads of large files and has an intuitive interface. You can access your content in on their website, as well as through dedicated apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablets, BlackBerry phones, and BlackBerry tablets. Additionally, you can save files into from a variety of mobile apps, including GoodReader, JotNot, QuickOffice, DocsToGo, and Pixelpipe.

But the big story about this week is the announcement on their blog that users who access their accounts from the new iOS (iPhone, iPad) app, will receive 50 GB of storage for life. This is normally priced at $19.99 a year.

So, why is Box doing this, and how can they afford it?

They are doing it because they see the incredible potential of mobile devices, such as the iPhone and the iPad. While they have consumer offerings, is mainly focused on selling cloud-based content management to enterprise customers. They want to expand “mind-share” or name recognition as iCloud and iOS 5 have an impact on the market and drive large companies (whether their IT departments want it to happen or not), into a cloud environment.

Soon, Apple will be enabling iCloud, with 5 GB of free storage (media purchased from Apple will not be counted against that user’s quota). While is primarily about file sharing, not file sync-ing, this makes their existing 5 GB offering less of a deal. But 50 GB for life: Now that’s a big deal! Storage is becoming cheaper all the time, and the corporate accounts, with TB (terabytes) and EB (exabytes) of storage are where Box will make its money.

So what are you waiting for? To get the 50 GB, download the free iOS app (or have a friend do it) and either log into or create an account.

Read more about it on the blog entry “Why Box is Giving iOS Users Massive Amounts of Free Cloud Storage” by Aaron Levie (Co-founder and CEO of Box).