Anne, daughter of John Graham, Sr.

Anna, daughter of John Graham, Sr., married John Kinkead (now written Kincaid) and moved to Anthony’s Creek in Greenbrier county. At what date they located in Greenbrier we do not know, but believe it must have been in the early settlement of that county. Of their children, we can only recall any knowledge of but three: these the writer personally knew. There were doubtless others, but we do not remember to have seen or heard of them. The names of the three known to us were Mathew, Lanty and Betsey (Elizabeth).

Mathew married Miss Elizabeth Scott of Greenbrier county and Lanty also married a Scott, sister to Mathew’s wife. Elizabeth married for her first husband a Mr. Hopkins and, after his death, married a Clark. To the first union was born one child, whose name I do not recall, and to the [26] second husband were born other children, one of whom, Elizabeth, married Mathew Lowe, father of John and Granville Lowe, who are now living and prosperous farmers in this county.*

Mathew Lowe had three daughters — the writer recollects Eliza A., who married Mr. Anderson Wheeler for her first husband. They had several children: J. C. Wheeler, Robert Wheeler and Mrs. Waddle, that we knew.

Mrs. Eliza A. Wheeler married for her second husband Mr. Sylvester Upton of this county, who stood prominent in his day with the people. He was elected to the Legislature of West Virginia some twenty years ago.

Another daughter of Mrs. Lowe’s, Agnes, married Mr. Peter Wyant and lives at the West end of the Big-Bend Tunnel. Another daughter, Rebecca, married Jordan Grimmett. Two of their sons are prominent school teachers; they live at Buck post office, this county.

    * When reference is made in these pages to “this county”, Summers county, West Virginia, is meant. back

[27] Another daughter of Elizabeth Clark married a Mr. Henry Smith, father of the late Lewis A. Smith, who lived and died near Forest Hill, this county, several of whose children are now living, namely: Lewis Smith, William Smith, Mrs. Henry Schultz and Mrs. Lewis Meadows.

Mathew Kincaid reared a large family of nine daughters and one son. From the year 1836 to the time of his death in 1860, he lived at the Mouth of Hungart’s Creek, near Talcott, on what is known as the Woodson farm, it being the same farm on which the village of Talcott now stands. The names of his children are as follows: Katy, Ann Graham, Jane, Lanty Graham, Sarah, Florence Graham, Nancy, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Susan. Katy married and located on Horse Shoe Creek in Fayette county.

Jane married Moses Hedrick, father of Wm. C. Hedrick, now deputy sheriff, and Geo. W. Hedrick, late member of the county court and John and Mathew Hedrick of this county. They also had three daughters, Elizabeth, who [28] died unmarried at the age of 18. Mary Ann, who married William Wyant and lives near Pisgah, and Susan, who married John Allen (son of Nathaniel Allen) and now lives in Mercer county.

Moses Hedrick lived for a number of years on Hungart’s Creek and later near Pisgah church where both he and his wife died within a short time of each other some three years ago.

Florence Graham Kincaid married Isaac Tincher and, after his death, married for her second husband Thomas Holstein, who, together with his wife, live near Pisgah church in this county. She has living two sons, Grandeur and George Holstein, both of whom occupy important positions with the C. & O. R. R. Co., the latter being one of the company’s most trusted engineers. Florence is one of the two of Mathew Kincaid’s family who is still living.
Lanty Graham Kincaid married Eliza Keller, sister of George Keller, who now lives on the old Keller farm at Lowell. Lanty moved to Illinois soon after the Civil War and died there some years [29] later. of his family little is known by the writer, except his oldest son, William, married Emma, daughter of the late Col. Wilson Lively of Monroe county, whose widow and family lived since the Civil War at Lowell on the old Graham homestead, of which mention will hereafter be made. William Kincaid and family are, as we understand, now living in Oregon.

Nancy and Susan married brothers, Richard and Griffith Meadows, both of whom have children now living.

Rebecca married Henry Karnes of Mercer county and still has children living in that county.

Sarah Kincaid married Samuel Humphreys and lived for a time on the land now occupied by a portion of the town of Talcott. Later he moved to Centerville (now Greenville), Monroe county, where his wife died some years later.


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