Review: Evernote Clearly

Today, in addi­tion to enjoy­ing Thanks­giv­ing, I have been tak­ing the time to look at Ever­note Clear­ly, a brows­er plug-in for the Google Chrome brows­er that com­petes with Read­abil­i­ty, Instapa­per, Rea­d­It­Later, and the Safari Read­ing List. As an exam­ple, I took a cur­rent arti­cle from the New York Times, “War of 1812 Bicen­ten­ni­al Dis­or­ga­nized in New York… Con­tin­ue read­ing Review: Ever­note Clear­ly


Reading Apps: Readability. Instapaper. ReadItLater. Evernote.

Read­abil­i­ty is a handy tool that takes an arti­cle or web post, cleans it up, as the name implies to improve its read­abil­i­ty, and dis­plays it for you in your brows­er. They also gath­er up arti­cles post­ed this way for you to read lat­er, or to send to your Kin­dle. Aside from one-by-one view­ing of… Con­tin­ue read­ing Read­ing Apps: Read­abil­i­ty. Instapa­per. Rea­d­It­Later. Ever­note.

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